Translation of technical documentation

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Specialised translation has its unique characteristics not only because of the peculiarities of jargonbut also due to characteristics of technical documentation. Technical documentation is a type of content that technical translators most often deal with. This sort of text contains key information about the investment, such as cost estimates and schedules as well as technical specification of machines and devices. This necessitates accuracy of translation and compliance with standards that define form and content of the documents. Translation of technical documentation also requires skills at handling graphics such as technical drawings and electrical diagrams.

Manual is a basic type of text included in technical documentation. This sort of document contains important information about proper use of machines and devices. For the user's safety, EU standards require that manufacturer provide every product with a user manual in the language spoken in the target market. This documentation should provide clear explanation, accompanied by drawings and diagrams, of the way in which a devise ought to be used. We are aware of the way this type of document should be translated, therefore our focus is on precision of translation and care for technical correctness as well as graphical aspects of the documentation. Optimum end product is achieved through the experience of our translators and graphic designers and through the quality assurance procedures.

Tender is a generally accepted way of selecting the contractor of a public procurement. This entails the requirement of creating tender documentation in numerous branches of industry. Today's market rules make the commercial success depend largely on professionally translated tender documentation. This type of content must comply with a number of specific requirements on which an acceptance of tender proposal depends. We have broad experience in translating tender documentation containing complex projects, technical specifications and cost estimates. We ensure text coherence and graphical elements such as technical drawings, electrical diagrams and charts as well as any other graphical features. We achieve quality of translation through cooperation of graphic designers and translators. The result is a perfectly prepared document that brings your company a step closer to success.

Any device sold in the European Union must be attached with an operation and maintenance manual. This document includes several parts, such as technical specification, user manual and maintenance manual. EU regulations also require the manufacturers to provide any manual in a target market language. Therefore, there is the need for manuals to be translated into many languages. An operation and maintenance manual translation requires extensive knowledge and experience as well as high quality graphics design. Our team has translated hundreds of operation and maintenance manuals. Experienced translators are supported by graphics designers who use computer-aided design software. Cooperation of experts guarantees top quality of your materials.