Automotive industry

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Continuous development is a key feature of the automotive industry. New solutions and products are introduced while the existing ones are updated and refined. New trends appear to cater for the need of meeting ecological requirements. Automotive companies are expansive, therefore the the offer targeted at foreign markets is becoming standard. A multitude of global solutions forces automotive companies to translate large amounts of various kinds of documentation.


Accurate translation for the automotive industry

The automotive industry requires the accurate translation of content into languages spoken on the target market. These include technical specification or various kinds of research and development materials. User manual translation is becoming a key stage in the process of marketing a new product. The provision of a quality translation is required by EU directives, therefore substantive correctness and terminological consistency is of high importance. The content typical of the automotive industry goes far beyond just meeting formal requirements. The target audience usually includes individual customers, highlighting the importance of advertising materials. High quality of translation and the linguistic and graphical coherence is a result of a well-planned marketing strategy that leads to commercial success.


The HD TRANSLATION team offers translation services for the automotive companies that want to expand to the global market or boost brand awareness and, in consequence, increase the sales. We do translation, localization and desktop publishing projects as an assistance in launching the product into new markets. We take care of the materials at each stage of their development for the foreign audience including the assistance during the marketing campaign.