Medicine and pharmacy

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Medicine and pharmacy are inextricably linked. They both are in the phase of rapid development which means the globalisation of implementation processes of new technologies or pharmaceuticals. The evolution of the two fields is international in nature, therefore the communication within the industry is multilingual. Both the publication process of technical texts and the requirement of clear and understandable information regarding medication necessitate accurate translation. Technical texts, such as medical equipment manuals must also be correctly translated. High quality of the content guarantees proper and safe use of medical equipment.


Medical text translation

A medical professional cannot be properly educated if they base their knowledge on materials in only one language. Professional development is also based on international communication that includes reading literature in a foreign language, attending international conferences, internships abroad and submitting articles for international journals. The need for global communication is not limited to physicians who aim at professional development. It is also necessary for the patients to look for therapies abroad. This necessitates the translation of medical documentation including case records, results of laboratory tests, as well as any other necessary documentation. Whatever the type of text, there is no room for errors.


The need for pharmaceutical translation

The characteristics of pharmaceutical regulations emphasise the quality of communication. Before a new medication is launched to the market, a pharmaceutical company must comply with a number of legal and ethical requirements. This requires the documentation to be submitted to regulatory institutions. Written statements and reports must often be translated into foreign languages. Documentation must be written in correct and highly precise language because pharmaceutical regulations leave no room for mistakes. The requirements for a quality translation apply also to the market introduction stage of a medicine. It necessitates the translation of information and commercial texts for a long period of product development to be brought to a successful conclusion.


Accuracy first of all

The global nature of medicine and pharmacy requires high quality translation. Any part of the text must be correct and precise. The HD TRANSLATION team of translators and experts see to the accuracy of translation and guarantee the quality required of medical texts. The materials we translate that are meant for submission to bioethics committees and regulatory agencies,and clinical documentation meet the most stringent quality standards. Reference and commercial materials addressed to the patient require the adjustment of the content to the patient's needs. The correct adjustment of the text leads to commercial success.