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Finance is a general term for the processes and activities related to money. Therefore, the definition encompasses not only the asset management but also any activity related to the accumulation and allocation of money. This field of endeavour includes both public and personal finance. Regardless of the definition and approach, finance has a considerable impact on the economic development. A successful financial policy results in the development of the financial industry that offers services for individuals and businesses.


The need for translation in the financial industry

Nowadays numerous financial institutions develop on a global scale. Therefore, high quality of translationand its adequacy is of prime importance. Targeting financial services at the foreign markets is a complex process due to the delicate nature of financial issues and the mistrust that prospective clients may have to financial institutions. The above characteristics shape the expectations towards the translated content. The reliability and accuracy of translation is therefore vital. Any financial report and analysis, regulations or bank forms must be translated with utmost care indispensable in this kind of translation. The care for the content targeted at the client is equally important. Thus, brochures and marketing content must also be meticulously translated. Not only should the text be precisely translated but it also should be adapted to the target culture.


The HD translation team offers comprehensive translation services for institutions and businesses in the financial industry. We make great efforts to provide you with the best possible translation of this type of content. Our translators are carefully selected professionals fluent in the languages they translate as well as being expert on the financial industry. This expert knowledge allows them to meet great demands regarding the quality of translation. Furthermore, our translators keep financial documents confidential.