Construction industry

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The construction industry is, to an extent, integrated with civil engineering. This unique field includes land-use planning – therefore its objective is both to construct and to demolish buildings. The construction industry is committed to improving standards of living, making innovation invaluable. Continuous development of the sector entails the change of standards as new trends boldly make their presence felt. The recent tendency is the move towards the so-called sustainable construction which is related to ecology. The current standard is to use environmentally friendly materials,and to reduce energy consumption and pollution. The idea of green construction is being introduced at the level of building design. The right location means the building will not have a negative impact on environment and well-being of residents. Another trend is the development of the so-called smart buildings that offer especially comfortable living conditions. This type of design features a high level of technical sophistication. A complex network of sensors constitutes an integrated management system of the entire building. It creates the possibility of supervising the building, from ambient temperature to access control to energy and waste management. The developments in automation are implemented for this kind of endeavour to facilitate the control of various processes and reduce the required efforts.


The need for the translation of construction-related texts

The development of the construction industry contributes to its international character. The introduction of new technologies and trends on a global scale necessitates the communication in various languages. The construction business involves the translation of design and investment documentation. This kind of translation requires a high level of accuracy, terminological consistency as well as precision of technical drawing and diagrams. The documentation is meant for professional use, therefore every detail must be taken care of.


We are aware of the specific requirements of the construction industry and high standards the translation must meet. We have translated numerous texts for the construction industry, including technical documentation, tender documentation, construction equipment manuals, technical specification with CAD drawings as well as equipment descriptions and data sheets. We provide comprehensive services, paying meticulous attention to detail.