Specialised translation

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We believe that accuracy is key to a successful technical translation, such as the translation of user manuals and technical documentation. This is why we use professional tools to manage our term base which is constantly enlarged and updated. This brings the texts we translate up to the standards generally recognised in the industry.


Specialised translation in practice

Our translation projects are not only carried out with focus on the industry standards. They are also meant to fully satisfy the client. Experience has taught us that the correct use of technical vocabulary is crucial but equally so is the company usage convention. Therefore, we consult our clients at each stage of the translation process. We are open to any suggestions concerning terminology, therefore client's corrections are included in the end product. The constantly enlarged term base allows us to translate in keeping with the terminology standards adopted by your company.

  • Continuous development is a key feature of the automotive industry. New solutions and products are introduced while the existing ones are updated and refined. New trends appear to cater for the need of meeting ecological requirements. Automotive companies are expansive, therefore the the offer targeted at foreign markets is becoming standard. A multitude of global solutions forces automotive companies to translate large amounts of various kinds of documentation.


    Accurate translation for the automotive industry

    The automotive industry requires the accurate translation of content into languages spoken on the target market. These include technical specification or various kinds of research and development materials. User manual translation is becoming a key stage in the process of marketing a new product. The provision of a quality translation is required by EU directives, therefore substantive correctness and terminological consistency is of high importance. The content typical of the automotive industry goes far beyond just meeting formal requirements. The target audience usually includes individual customers, highlighting the importance of advertising materials. High quality of translation and the linguistic and graphical coherence is a result of a well-planned marketing strategy that leads to commercial success.


    The HD TRANSLATION team offers translation services for the automotive companies that want to expand to the global market or boost brand awareness and, in consequence, increase the sales. We do translation, localization and desktop publishing projects as an assistance in launching the product into new markets. We take care of the materials at each stage of their development for the foreign audience including the assistance during the marketing campaign.

  • Medicine and pharmacy are inextricably linked. They both are in the phase of rapid development which means the globalisation of implementation processes of new technologies or pharmaceuticals. The evolution of the two fields is international in nature, therefore the communication within the industry is multilingual. Both the publication process of technical texts and the requirement of clear and understandable information regarding medication necessitate accurate translation. Technical texts, such as medical equipment manuals must also be correctly translated. High quality of the content guarantees proper and safe use of medical equipment.


    Medical text translation

    A medical professional cannot be properly educated if they base their knowledge on materials in only one language. Professional development is also based on international communication that includes reading literature in a foreign language, attending international conferences, internships abroad and submitting articles for international journals. The need for global communication is not limited to physicians who aim at professional development. It is also necessary for the patients to look for therapies abroad. This necessitates the translation of medical documentation including case records, results of laboratory tests, as well as any other necessary documentation. Whatever the type of text, there is no room for errors.


    The need for pharmaceutical translation

    The characteristics of pharmaceutical regulations emphasise the quality of communication. Before a new medication is launched to the market, a pharmaceutical company must comply with a number of legal and ethical requirements. This requires the documentation to be submitted to regulatory institutions. Written statements and reports must often be translated into foreign languages. Documentation must be written in correct and highly precise language because pharmaceutical regulations leave no room for mistakes. The requirements for a quality translation apply also to the market introduction stage of a medicine. It necessitates the translation of information and commercial texts for a long period of product development to be brought to a successful conclusion.


    Accuracy first of all

    The global nature of medicine and pharmacy requires high quality translation. Any part of the text must be correct and precise. The HD TRANSLATION team of translators and experts see to the accuracy of translation and guarantee the quality required of medical texts. The materials we translate that are meant for submission to bioethics committees and regulatory agencies,and clinical documentation meet the most stringent quality standards. Reference and commercial materials addressed to the patient require the adjustment of the content to the patient's needs. The correct adjustment of the text leads to commercial success.

  • Engineering, generally speaking, is an application of scientific knowledge and technology to design the environment that surrounds people. The definition of engineering is changeable and so is the field. It can be said that the reality constantly redefines engineering. In the past, engineering stood for the application of materials for the design of elements for solving the practical issues. At present, engineering encompasses abstract entities such as software and data. Definition apart, engineering influences the society in many ways. Numerous industrial sectors rely on engineering solutions, driving the innovation and development forward. The results of engineers' efforts influence virtually every walk of modern life – from the implementation of computers in chemical and biological research to the development of cutting-edge machines used in manufacturing processes.


    Characteristics of engineering translation

    Engineering is global in nature. Scientific data come from all corners of the world, in various languages, therefore bridging the language gap is an indispensable part of the development. The pace of technological development is extraordinary and knowledge sharing and international nature of business have become standard. An international customer base offers companies a chance for development and diversification of the range of goods or services. An accurate technical documentation in the customer's mother tongue is a step toward the global market. Creating the content in precise language is, however, a task that involves expert knowledge and skills. Our translators are carefully chosen by virtue of their linguistic experience combined with expert knowledge. The right procedure results in the translation that is suitable for the international market.

  • Information technology (abbreviated to IT) is the driving force of the contemporary world. Virtually every industry relies on IT tools, contributing to the rapid development of the information technology. We witness an ever increasing computing power of processors, expanding capacity of storage devices and a growing amount of software both for home and professional use. It is hard to imagine a business that does not use contemporary IT tools. The launch of a new product is no longer possible without the use of IT solutions at all stages – from the design period, to production to the sale preceded by a well-thought out advertising campaign. IT tools, while being an integral part of running a business, are also equally common in non-professional use.


    IT texts translation

    Most contemporary households have computers and other devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, with more and more people living in smart homes that are equipped with on-line control systems. There is a growing need for state-of-the-art hardware and software both for professional and consumer market.


    Regardless of who the customer is, a mass production of various kinds IT tools entails the need for professional translation. It results form both the necessity of the communication between the customer and the seller but also from the EU regulations that require the technical documentation to be translated into the user's mother tongue. The HD TRANSLATION team understands that information technology is currently among the most important fields of human endeavour. This is why we focus on providing comprehensive servicesthat include translation of IT texts such as user manuals, catalogues and brochures, data sheets and web content. We also localize the content, desktop publish and carefully check the materials before they are sent back to the client.

  • Finance is a general term for the processes and activities related to money. Therefore, the definition encompasses not only the asset management but also any activity related to the accumulation and allocation of money. This field of endeavour includes both public and personal finance. Regardless of the definition and approach, finance has a considerable impact on the economic development. A successful financial policy results in the development of the financial industry that offers services for individuals and businesses.


    The need for translation in the financial industry

    Nowadays numerous financial institutions develop on a global scale. Therefore, high quality of translationand its adequacy is of prime importance. Targeting financial services at the foreign markets is a complex process due to the delicate nature of financial issues and the mistrust that prospective clients may have to financial institutions. The above characteristics shape the expectations towards the translated content. The reliability and accuracy of translation is therefore vital. Any financial report and analysis, regulations or bank forms must be translated with utmost care indispensable in this kind of translation. The care for the content targeted at the client is equally important. Thus, brochures and marketing content must also be meticulously translated. Not only should the text be precisely translated but it also should be adapted to the target culture.


    The HD translation team offers comprehensive translation services for institutions and businesses in the financial industry. We make great efforts to provide you with the best possible translation of this type of content. Our translators are carefully selected professionals fluent in the languages they translate as well as being expert on the financial industry. This expert knowledge allows them to meet great demands regarding the quality of translation. Furthermore, our translators keep financial documents confidential.

  • The construction industry is, to an extent, integrated with civil engineering. This unique field includes land-use planning – therefore its objective is both to construct and to demolish buildings. The construction industry is committed to improving standards of living, making innovation invaluable. Continuous development of the sector entails the change of standards as new trends boldly make their presence felt. The recent tendency is the move towards the so-called sustainable construction which is related to ecology. The current standard is to use environmentally friendly materials,and to reduce energy consumption and pollution. The idea of green construction is being introduced at the level of building design. The right location means the building will not have a negative impact on environment and well-being of residents. Another trend is the development of the so-called smart buildings that offer especially comfortable living conditions. This type of design features a high level of technical sophistication. A complex network of sensors constitutes an integrated management system of the entire building. It creates the possibility of supervising the building, from ambient temperature to access control to energy and waste management. The developments in automation are implemented for this kind of endeavour to facilitate the control of various processes and reduce the required efforts.


    The need for the translation of construction-related texts

    The development of the construction industry contributes to its international character. The introduction of new technologies and trends on a global scale necessitates the communication in various languages. The construction business involves the translation of design and investment documentation. This kind of translation requires a high level of accuracy, terminological consistency as well as precision of technical drawing and diagrams. The documentation is meant for professional use, therefore every detail must be taken care of.


    We are aware of the specific requirements of the construction industry and high standards the translation must meet. We have translated numerous texts for the construction industry, including technical documentation, tender documentation, construction equipment manuals, technical specification with CAD drawings as well as equipment descriptions and data sheets. We provide comprehensive services, paying meticulous attention to detail.