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HD TRANSLATION services include technical text translation. The content we translate is created in modern languagesthat are highly important in business. We make our services relevant to the changing market by constantly revising and expanding the range of languages . We also do non-standard jobs. The HD TRANSLATION team comprises experienced translatorswho are proficient in target languages as well as being expert on the target culture. Their linguistic expertise is accompanied by knowledge and skills in a specific branch of industry. This enables us to provide you with translations in all possible language pair combinations:

  • from a foreign language into Polish
  • from Polish into a foreign language
  • from a foreign language into another foreign language


Key languages in technical translation

Today's marketing communications occur mainly in the English language. Therefore, technical vocabulary draws on the English language. Nowadays, it is not possible to promote a brand abroad with no commercial and reference materials available in English.


German language is also becoming more and more important in marketing communications. The reason is strengthening ties between Polish and German economies. A survey by Forbes magazine reveals that German companies view their decision to enter the Polish market as a right move. Fruitful business cooperation makes successful communication even more important.


A high level of French investment in Poland makes the French language go far beyond its use in diplomacy. Today, marketing communications in French is more and more common. French language is now used in numerous industries and trades.


Italian investment in Poland enhances the importance of Italian language translation. There is a growing need for materials in the automotive or financial sectors, making Italian an important language in marketing communications.